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The 8 Best apps to edit Photos for Android and iPhone

Nowadays exist a lof of apps to edit photos for Android and iPhone, but, do you know what are the best apps for editing pictures in 2020 ? Maybe you as a good fan have a favorite app for this task, but don´t forget all days the App Store includes new and better apps which can help us to get best results to our Instagram Profile.

This list includes some apps to edit pictures free and another with paid version so you dont worry about spend any cents of your wallet, so prepare your smartphone, download them, try them and tell us on the comment section your opinions.

Abstract about the 8 best apps to edit photos on Android or Iphone:

  • Snapseed
  • Vsco
  • Enlight
  • TouchRetouch
  • PixelMator
  • LightRoom
  • Afterlight 2

List of best apps for editing photos


It is not a surprise that Snapseed is included in the list, because since previous years the photo editing app developed by Google has maintained its popularity thanks to the large number of tools it includes for photo editing and a completely intuitive interface.

snapseed app

The best thing about this photo editing app is that you create your own customizable filters using the tools to edit or use its great variety of preset filters.

Also, access to the basic options of cropping, straightening, framing, using text, bullets and the typical color and contrast adjustments make Snapseed an ideal app.

Another interesting function is the use of depth of field and focus, this technique is used by professionals to create portraits with blurred backgrounds, giving prominence to a close-up.


You will appreciate this function because it is a growing trend, even different phone companies in the world are already working to incorporate this option directly into the cameras of their devices.

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VSCO is another of the best apps to edit photos using your smartphone professionally, its popularity is due to the use of photographic filters since it has been the pioneer in offering ideal functions to bring a vintage, sober and hipster style to pictures to give the face of being an expert on the subject.

VSCO’s authenticity is the birth of a large online community with a space within the app where minute by minute VSCO addicts share their creations.

Among the editing tools you can not miss different filters with the aforementioned characteristics and the typical cropping options, shadows, borders and more.

vsco app

VSCO also offers adjustments for intensity, exposure, contrast, and temperature and skin tones.

Without a doubt this app for photo editing is a gem.

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In the free version of Enlight, it has features such as the ability to combine photos to create dramatic effects. Also with this app it is possible to add graphic elements in the images.
Also, it shares many features with programs like Photoshop, such as the use of layers.

enlight app

You may have to spend time on it before you can understand how to use it. Another point to consider is that the free version has several limitations but at the same time maintains functions that can be useful unless you want to unlock all of them by subscribing to the paid version.

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Maybe it happened to you that you take the perfect photograph until you realize that there is an object that is not in harmony with all the other elements of the image, right?

touchretouch app

Well, before you decide to delete it TouchRetouch may be the solution, because this photo editing app is famous for removing objects that you don’t need within photography.

You can use this app to edit photos to remove things placed in the background that you don’t like or even remove those annoying pimples and blemishes that don’t look good on your portraits in a few easy steps.


These features closely resemble the clone tool in photoshop. So it is considered a very powerful some of the best apps for editing pictures.

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Pixelmator is an app to edit photos on android and iOS that includes all the basic requirements to be considered a fairly complete editing tool, it has a fairly popular desktop version among Mac users.

pixelmator app

This app is a perfect combination of tools for novice and professional users, being also other of those layer-based editing resources, but like the rest, this app is full of good features.

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Adobe Lightroom CC is a mobile version of the popular desktop program with excellent access to the most emblematic functions of the well-known tool, allowing you to edit images on your phone on the go.

Adobe Lightroom CC for mobile is capable of even editing .RAW files which is a widely used image format among professional photographers and which is commonly used to maintain the quality of objects.

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Of all the apps for edit photos, SKRWT is one of those options that allows you to adjust the perspective of your images so that everything is perfectly aligned, as it also has an automation tool for crop and perspective correction.


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Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 has all the basic features you would expect, including the necessary tools to adjust exposure, hue, saturation, contrast, and more.

What stands out most about this alternative is clearly that the options to add and customize the text are very wide, as well as its more than 128 frames to choose from and tons of filters that you can use according to your needs.

 Download for Android  Download for iOS

As you can see, these are a complete list of applications to edit photos, ideal so that you do not run out of exhibiting your photos through the best trends of the season’s edition.

We highly recommend taking advantage of the best and most sophisticated cameras of the latest generation equipment and a good app to edit pictures on Android or iPhone. You have no excuse not to make the captures of your good moments great professional works.

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